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The Burma Campaign Campaign relief

Burma is not in a good way: it’s ruled by one of the world’s most brutal military dictatorships, which flatly refuses to recognise the legally elected Government of the country, who are lead by Nobel laureate and all round good egg Aung San Suu Kii, who’s been under house arrest for 13 years.

Human wrongs

As well as imprisoning heroines, this dictatorship is also accused of countless human rights atrocities – rape, slavery, and torture, amongst other terrible things. On top of all this, Cyclone Nargis struck earlier in 2008, leaving around 200,000 dead and over 1 million homeless. If any country needs help, it’s Burma.

Under pressure

The Burma Campaign wants to put an end to this dictatorship by piling financial pressure on the regime - discouraging international investment and tourism. To do this they lobby the EU and British Government; name and shame businesses complicit with the regime; and run lots of high profile campaigns - Ricky Gervais has just made their latest campaign video:

Hard work pays off

They’re a pretty determined lot and have achieved much: they forced British American Tobacco, the UK’s biggest investor in Burma, to withdraw from the country; successfully took the Labour government to court to prove that imposing sanctions on Burma would be well within the law; and persuaded over 150 top clothing brands to have nothing to do with the place. An inspiration to us all.

You can find more videos about Burma at Look for Paul Hilder, Seb Cumberbirch and Johnny Chatterton.