The Law

Only criminals and cocktail waiters belong behind bars - we don’t want you going down for the long stretch, so here’s some essential advice for how to stay on the right side of the law.

Bibi Van Der Zee has kindly given us privileged access to lots of legal legwork she and her team carried out for her book, Rebel Rebel

Here's what she has to say on Legal Action:

'It's no accident that in films lawyers are always surrounded by huge leather-bound books with teeny-weeny print inside. They need them.'

She recommends that you:

  • Challenge the corporations
  • Use the public authorities
  • Challenge the public authorities

And she's provided you with a handy guide that she has assembled from some lovely lawyers on how to cover your back. Which we've made available for you to download. The-law.pdf

In this she covers topics such as:

  • Demonstrations and marches
  • Letter writing
  • Unions
  • Defamation

She also gives you the heads-up on your rights as a campaigner, on subjects such as:

  • Trespassing
  • Invasions and sit-ins
  • Blockades
  • Squatting

... all terribly useful if you are planning public gatherings in protest over matters close to the heart!